Hey! We’re Space Race Studio

We simplify complex topics into distinctly human, relatable stories.

We get to know you.

We know our impact can only be as strong as how well we understand you. We do the work to get your goals, so that your brand feels alive and authentic on screen.

We’re small by design.

We aim for meaningful partnerships with a few clients instead of churning out as many projects as possible  We prioritize quality over quantity in all elements of our work.

Our work is our word.

Simply put, we don't compromise on quality.

What we do

Storytelling and vision, plus production. We're a full-service creative video outfit that does just about everything related to video–from concepting and screenwriting to production and post-production. We’re film-makers delivering vision, writing, and technical video services.

It doesn’t matter if it’s live action or animation, our approach spans mediums and styles.

Every project begins with vision and storytelling, with our team sweating every detail down to the last pass on the color grading.

How we do it

Our approach involves both message and medium–creating concepts that are distinct and unmistakable while weaving in details that make videos feel both cinematic and clear.

Our deliverables cover every step from kick-off brainstorm to final post-production tweaks, we deliver incredible results. We have a team of specialists at the ready to support your live action and animation vision.

Our process involves thoroughly understanding what you do, nailing down your message and video vision, and bringing it all to life with captivating storytelling and production (or: captivating video?). With Space Race Studio, you’ll have a partner who’s flexible and fun to work with, but uncompromising on quality and unwavering in outcome focus. We cover you from start to finish.

We cover you from start to finish

  • Concept + Vision + Scriptwriting

  • Talent Sourcing

  • XR Production

  • Production + Post-Production for Live + Animation

  • Campaign Deliverables for Broadcast + Social

Beyond a final video that they’re proud to share with the world, our clients experience a number of benefits in working with us, like:

  • More clarity and confidence in articulating who they are and what their value is

  • Increased customer engagement to ensure smart use of marketing budget

  • Elevated brand equity and market awareness, ultimately making it easier for businesses to grow.

How we think about budgets and costs

Clients’ typical video investments range anywhere from 10K to 100K. However, if you’re looking for a big dance number, blowing stuff up, or adding celebrities, you can definitely expect an estimate over 100K. And a lot more fun.

How long it takes

Answer Generally speaking: two months. But, if you needed us tomorrow to capture something, we could. Or, if we were producing something sizable, it could take 3-4 months. Maybe you just need an edit? Two weeks, most likely. It all depends on the project.

Ready to bring your video vision to life?